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Porthos is a refrigerated cabinet for medium size shops like butchery or deli. It is available in following variations:

– static with storage;

– static without storage;

– ventilated with storage;

– ventilated without storage;

– without refrigeration.

The working plate is in 304 stainless steel and the display surface is made of stainless steel AISI 304. Porthos is fitted out with:

– aluminium glass frame;

– flat glasses opening upwards;

– LED lighting only on the top;

– control panel with digital thermostat and defrost at intervals;

– thermoformed side panels in ABS;

– plastic pan for defrost water collection to be emptied manually;

– fan potentiometer;

– plexiglass rear sliding doors and cataphoresis coated evaporator.

Porthos can be personalized with different colours.