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Zoin: history of green commercial refrigeration

Zoin Srl was built during the ’80s as individual firm thanks to technical capabilities and know-how of Bruno Zoin in the field of commercial refrigeration.

During the years, the company increased and, from a family business structure, it has become a tangible company specialized as a commercial refrigerator supplier. It created a wide range of refrigerated display-cabinets with positive temperature, targeting a specific need of the market: commercial refrigeration suitable for small and medium-size shops. 

Since March 2019 Zoin became part of Criocabin Family. While preserving the brand property, Zoin now more than ever, is creating new and ambitious projects to meet and advance the market demand. With a production capacity of more than 8000 cabinets per year; 100% made in Italy refrigerated display range, understanding customers needs is for Zoin the key to realize refrigerated cabinets or counters perfectly fitted for any shop size and typology. 

Its range fulfils commercial refrigerators suitable to display any kind of food, placing  Zoin an institution that speaks all tradition food languages: it allows to solve any problem, satisfy any demand of small and medium size stores with reliable and competitive products. These are the company purposes since the very beginning. Sensible to the needs of young entrepreneurs, Zoin is attentive to the needs of younger entrepreneurs or those less experienced in the market, becoming a guide among the different languages of contemporary gastronomy.

During its activity, besides to customers’ requests, the company focused on the environmental impact of refrigeration supplying refrigerated display cases with reliable and green materials, in order to preserve our planet and avoid any damage to the climate. 

All our units are totally green manufactured and available only with R290 eco-friendly gas. Whoever chooses our refrigerated displays is also respecting the strictest laws to preserve the planet we live in, making his business eco-friendly for a better and cleaner world. All together, these micro-worlds give birth to a big cleaner business.

In Zoin’s heart there’s something more than the production of un-expensive and perfectly working refrigerated cabinets: the genuine awareness for the customer and for his health. Not only display cabinets, but the guardians of our Planet.